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this is how we roll
April 9, 2008, 6:04 pm
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So, I bought a hipster bike and am enjoying London more than ever. With the money I save by not having to use public transport, I can buy more hipster shoes and order clothes from American Apparel on my Imac, while writing rambling screeds in my Moleskine.

But I’m definitely not a hipster. Nooo.

In other news, I wrote an article about skateboarding for Comment is Free, for which I was paid the princely sum of £75. If you like, you can read it here. Feel free to savage me in the comments if you like. The best part about the whole deal is that I now have a profile on the Guardian website, just like a real journalist.

I’m trying to start blogging again. I really am.


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This blog is shortlisted in the Abandoned Blog Awards being announced this Weds and Thurs on The Daily News. Thank you and good luck.

Comment by The Daily News (@TheDailyNewsUK)

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