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…don’t talk to me about mice pace

This is where the magic happens. Magic of course, is usually revealed as simple illusion, cheap trickery and sleight of hand

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Email: marrrq

IM: thelordisamonkey (at) (hot) (male) (dot) (com)

Apple imac: 2.4Ghz intel core due

Sony Ericsson K750i
Apple Ipod (5G) 30 Gigobyte
Nintendo DS

Wasting my time (last entry most recent):

Reading books:

At the Mountains of Madness: H.P. Lovecraft

What’s Left?: How Liberals Lost Their Way, Nick Cohen

Nintendo DS:

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Advance Wars

…a strange invitation is a modification of the WordPress theme ‘Benevolence’, created by Theorin Parlin.

The header image is a detail taken from Gregory Crewdson‘s ‘Untitled (Summer Rain)’ (2004) . Although I do not have permission to use this image, I’m not anticipating a call from Mr Crewdson’s legal department anytime soon. I will, of course remove this image following such a request.


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this is a good example of a page

Comment by chadtoddbruce

Your description of the Nintendo DS brought me back to some fond memories in junior high school regarding Nintendo. At the age of 12, I received the Nintendo 64 for Christmas. I spent probably the better part of 4 straight days getting through Super Mario 64 on that console. After finally achieving and attaining all 120 stars, I realized that it was probably the pinnacle of my video game career. After reading in my subscribed, “Nintendo Power” magazine, that after successfully beating the game, you could climb on top of the castle and visit Yoshi, I began the plunge away from gaming. I then recently saw a trend with a negative correlation between my sexual interaction and video game playing. Luckily, high speed internet action is plugging into where gaming did nicely.

Oh, good layout.

Comment by matt

In Mario 64 you can play as Yoshi from the beginning of the game. This leads me to wonder: on completing the game, is it possible to play as Yoshi, riding around on Yoshi’s back, like some debauched nightmarish postmodernist frenzy? I imagine Baby Yoshi’s stretched into infinity and a gaming world aware of it’s own curvature.

Sometimes I still find myself imagining Tetris blocks as I drift to sleep.

Incidently, sort out your RSS feed Matt. It’s doesn’t work.

Comment by hairgelburrito

You can play at Yoshi from the beginning of the game? This revelation has just erased any merit to what I spent a majority of the winter of 1995-96 doing. I spent the last ten years thinking that I did everything there was to do. My world has collapsed. What other gaming milestones have I left unturned? Suddenly, I feel as though I’ve got a bit of a cold coming on. Best to call off of work, and plug that old Ultra 64 console back into the television.

RSS feed? is that part of angelfire or lycos? excite? what gives?

Comment by Matthew

I currently have 54 stars on Mario 64 DS. I expect that when I finally manage to collect all 130 (130!) stars the universe will tear itself apart only to reform into a perfect paridise where there is no poverty, and there are no wars. Such will be the reward for battling through the game.

You’re an RSS feed.

Comment by mark

I love your site!

Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

Comment by Michael Tim

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